Passion and adventure with summer sandals – 1

roberto cavalli sandalsThe following sandals and shoes are from famous designers of shoes offering the ladies for the summer their vision of beautiful women’s legs and graceful curves.

The first pair of sandals is by Roberto Cavalli. They have an exquisite high current with incredibly thin straps on one end of which is the buckle. At the front there is an incredible pretty and exquisite decorative element that beautifully highlights the skin of the leg. It can be defined as a snake with black and gold flakes. The slim current is plated and in general makes the entire shoe the impression that it is casted from gold in different shades. These are official sandals and in general would stand pretty well with a formal dress. Or with a lightweight linen suit.

guiseppe zanotti candyThe next shoes or more accurate slippers are from Giuseppe Zanotti and are white amazing, exquisite and comfortable slippers with a finger. They have very low back sole, which makes them very suitable for long walks on the beach and around the city. The soft leather that runs along the thumb and forefinger is also making them very comfortable. And the beautiful ornament resembling embedded pearls adds the wonderful impression. They are naturally made of leather.


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