Odd, beautiful and convenient from Louis Vuitton?

louis vuitton shoesThe next shoes are appropriate for the spring-summer season, for some extravagant party. A great supplement to a red dress or a black one, you will definitely attract attention.

The shoes are nothing special – sandals with ribbons that are tied around the ankles, vermeil, with a platform that adheres the foot and distributes the body weight. What is different from the other kinds of footwear is the type of current that resembles a cone pinched in half and mirrored.

Its broad base makes it comfortable, though in the beginning it may seem the opposite. In addition, at the place where it gets thinner, right in the middle of the current, you can find a kind of ornament or jewelry that represents joined pearls – black and white.

The shades of the shoes look like snake or crocodile skin, which makes them even more attractive.

Certainly these shoes will not go unnoticed, which means they have no place at a luncheon or dinner, or work. But are a great gift for any lady who loves shoes as her first love and would not hesitate to make a sacrifice on their behalf.


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