Mega hyper high stiletto by Prada

prada shoes

Yes, you read the title right. We decided that we cannot look ahead in the fashion trends of the shoes without looking at the fashion collections from the past. Therefore, we turned to the collections of Prada and came across these beautiful stiletto shoes.

The are stylish, black, patent leather and leather, with a large crystal and very high heel. Clearly, these are formal shoes with which every woman can impress all the guests at any official event. They can be combined very well with an elegant formal dress and since they are adorned with a large crystal, the outfit can be with a more simple design.

Perhaps the most inconvenient in this case is that at the front of the shoe, there is no platform to hold the foot so that there is no additional burden. Simply at one point as your fingers are standing flat and calm, suddenly it appears that your heel is at an altitude of 20 cm. Really quite impressive but also painful in our opinion.

Anyway we could say that the materials are natural, something that does not need persuasion when it comes to Prada. The current is stable and strong and you may not know how to stand on it much but at least it will not betray you and break traitorous.

The insole is made of natural calf leather and prevents from unpleasant sliding, when and if the foot sweats. Overall a good quality shoe that makes your calves look more elongated and charming. And an essential ingredient of the saying “Beauty requires sacrifice”. But as we all know, we ladies make a lot of compromises in order to look good. In this case, you are sacrificing your feet, and if it’s worth it you can decide yourself.


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