Is there a dress code for shoes in the office?

black shoes

Each profession requires an unwritten rule to put on a given type of clothing at the work place. In certain cases for example, it is unacceptable to go to the office wearing jeans, especially if you work in a large financial corporation and you meet with clients every day. You would not inspire confidence if you are wearing frayed jeans and slipshod shirt rather than a nice suit and a pair of elegant shoes. Quite normal, to the clothing you need to add and the appropriate shoes. It is not particularly recommended to bet on huge heels or sharp shoes, because first of all they are no longer in vogue, and second it is neither comfortable nor particularly good to see a financial adviser chattering against you with 20 cm heels.

So according to where exactly you are working it is better to select at least partly your clothing and shoes. Not as a uniform far no one is asking that from you, unless your boss has not introduced this, but in terms of working with clients, you must be dressed and outfitted so as to leave a good and dignified impression in the people you meet.

Therefore, the most appropriate office shoe has an average height of the current. The footwear could be slippers, sandals or shoes, it depends on the clothing, if you are wearing a suit slippers are not the best decision. A pair of elegant and delicate sandals or shoes will do a great job.

Here we are talking about jobs that require elegant wear as working clothing. The matter is not about creative professions where the employees can go to work dressed however they like, wearing even sneakers. If you are working with clients, in a bank, as an accountant or in a big corporation, then bet on classic models elegant shoes in neutral colors.


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