In memory of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen shoes black and whiteThe designer-miracle who to enormous regret of his followers went away too young of this world and deprived his fans of his many ideas. He left behind great shoes that can rightly be called works of art. The young and eccentric designer left a few models behind and for the more ordinary girls. Exactly one of these models we want to show you.

This shoe highly impressed us and we think it is very suitable for the summer, especially when it comes to a formal event like a job interview or a business cocktail party, where the etiquette does not allow putting on sandals or slippers.

The interesting pattern in classic black and white makes them universal for any outfit – a little black dress, white suit with a skirt or trousers. Or a dark business suit. In any case, this is a beautiful shoe that extends the calf and legs in general and adds a great deal of oomph to women’s feet.

The current as seen is of the kind stiletto, and with a full right, because its height is a little more than 14 cm. Unfortunately there is no reinforcement of the foot by platform, but supposedly you will not make a tour of the city with them.

The upper part is made of top quality genuine leather as well as the insole on which the foot steps. The sole is made ​​of thick rubber. The current is of high quality material, which prevents breaking. The shoe has open toes, making it even more preferred for summer evenings.


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