How to wear high heels without damaging your feet

Image: © Coka / Fotolia

The high heels give women confidence and attach to any outfit a sexy touch. But what about the pain they cause?


A British stylist gives five tips on how your feet not to suffer from the high heels.

1. Select the correct size for your foot. The most important elements when you buy high heels are the size and the good fit. If you have flatfoot, choose heels with a wider sole. The size is also important. No matter how beautiful the shoes are, the purchase of a pair that is one size larger or smaller is very wrong. It is a matter of time to stop feeling comfortable. The pain is not worth it.


2. The exact height for the exact situation. We all have heels for special occasions and they often are very high. Choose the height of the shoes, taking into account your schedule for the day. 15 cm heels are not the best choice if you are planning to go shopping or have business meetings throughout the day. However, for a date at which it is expected to sit most of the time, they are just ideal.


3. Platforms are your friends. The platforms provide comfort and height. What else can you want? Although men usually do not like the looks of the platforms, they make your feet very elegant.


4. Foot Spa. The feet work throughout the day. Like any muscle you must take care of them. Moisturize your feet regularly in order to make them soft and beautiful. Before bedtime moisturize them again and massage them for five minutes. Also at least once a week take time for a 15-minute relaxing foot bath with sea salt.


5. The magic of the hair dryer. It may sound crazy, but this is our secret advice. If you have just bought a pair of leather high-heeled shoes and you still have not worn them, they will be very stiff and tight. Wear the shoes and then warm them up with your hairdryer. Keep a minimum distance of 25 cm between the dryer and your foot in order to not deform the shoes. After one minute the leather will be soft and you will feel much more comfortable.



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