Hot, Hot… The shoes with straps around the ankle

Image: © Aaron Amat / Fotolia

Oh, yes! When it comes to shoes we are like spellbound, drugged and our brains shut off for anything more important than this cool accessory. Well … we exaggerate a bit, but as you do not believe there are times when we enjoy as small children our new pair of shoes. Yet we do not get every week new jewelry with high heels and we know how to appreciate each new acquisition properly!


The trends in the shoes have been and surely will always be as varied as the time change. What we like most is that there is something for every lady.

Our weakness are definitely the shoes with an ankle strap. There is something so charming and sexy in this pair of shoes, to which we simply cannot resist.


At many social events and gala dinners celebrities often appear with exquisite shoes and sandals in which is noticed one thing in common – straps that wrap the ankle in an elegant and airy way.

Image: © kichatof / Fotolia



The current is moderately high, about 7-8 cm, but not every woman could afford to wear such high heels at work every day for example… The straps are however beyond the simple functionality to adhere the shoe. They are genuine accessories tinted in colors sometimes differing from the color of the shoe.


From feminine shoes with a sharp tip to those with thick current and rounded at the front – the tendencies impose to be all sexy and remarkable.

The colors are at each end of the spectrum, but when in the shoes they have run from the line of the challenge? And in the shoes will shake that trend of animal colors. If you are not of the most courageous, ready for any experiments, forget the leather, snake and tiger prints and bet on the classics.


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