Home ointment for the treatment of fungi

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Traditionally, the treatment of fungal infections takes a lot of time and money. These infections are very stubborn and are treated fairly difficult, and besides that it takes a long time until they are removed completely from the affected area. On the market are available numerous medications, but many of them are expensive and we do not know and can not be sure whether they will help us. In the treatment of many diseases we can turn to the folk medicine.

For the fungus there are also a number of homemade remedies with the help of herbs that effectively remove not only the problem but also the cause that has led to it and the best thing is that this happens naturally. We present to you a homemade ointment with lard and blossom of the herb marigold. It is very effective for fungi of all kinds, and this is so because it has the unique function to regenerate the skin cells and they get reimbursed. It is only not recommended for vaginal fungus.


You will need 2 tablespoons of the herb and flower Marigold and 250 g lard, but it must be natural and pure. Warm up a suitable container and put inside the fat, then add and the blossom of marigold. Fry the herb in the fat. When the fat becomes yellow from the blossom of the marigold remove the mixture from the heat and leave it to cool down overnight. The next day again warm the mixture in order to strain it through a cheesecloth. In this way you will remove all the pieces of marigold. Pour the mixture into a container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator. Every night anoint the area with the ointment and so on until you completely eliminate the problem with the fungi.



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