Gucci with proposals for one amazing summer

We continue our march among the catwalks where the big names present their new creative ideas in the form of new shoes. Today we will focus on three proposals, which are very suitable for the summer, some not so comfortable, but suitable for special occasions in these hot summer days.

We begin with the “lowest” suggestion. These are some very comfortable sandals that also are impressive with the red lacquer, they are made of. Incredibly comfortable and practical, because they have no buckles to the knuckle of the leg where it might hurt and all you have to do is stick your foot through the strap that will lock the sandals to your feet very good. So you will hardly notice you are wearing something on your feet. The current is low, about 2-3 cm, square and supports your feet and will not make you regret that you have put this particular pair, on the contrary, you will feel happy to wear these great sandals.

The next pair of sandals has a sleek profile and can be worn as at a more casual gathering, as well as at a cocktail or party. Of course, at which you do not have to dance much, because the current is 10-12 cm high and unfortunately there is no reinforcement at the front of the foot in order to distribute the body weight evenly on your feet. Incredibly beautiful, but not for every day and for a whole day of wearing. They are made of genuine, soft calf leather, fastened to the side of the knuckle with a standard buckle. 

The last pair of Gucci sandals are strictly elegant, which you cannot put with any dress. They will stand stunning with a little black dress, not with a dress of flounces for example. So if you have a rather formal gathering of distributors in your company or you are invited to a wedding, I think these are your shoes. I.e. sandals. What gives such an elegant look and shine to the sandals are the golden parts, the current and the two side strips, that serve this purpose. Naturally again they are made of leather, and the current is metallic and very strong, 12-cm current which will give additional charms and elegance of your calves and legs in general.


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