Grace and charms with the high heels

high heels

Never wear shoes that are not comfortable and will make you regret that you ever put them on. Such shoes are the high heels with very thin current. For some, those shoes are a real punishment. On the other hand, the high boots add more glamour and elegance to the one wearing them. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of wearing high heels?

First of all we must mention the illusion of longer legs that is obtained when you wear high shoes. High heels elongate the legs and the optical illusion that is created is incredibly beautiful. In addition, you will no longer feel bad and unconfident about being too short.

The high shoes impart you femininity and confidence, something that is very important for every woman. We all know that when a lady feels confident about her appearance, she is more beautiful and attracts the attention of the others around her.

Many ladies walk more confidently and smugly with them, and there is nothing better than confidence and self-esteem.

One very important quality is that they help the upstanding posture, even though under duress, because they require extra effort when wearing them. Not every woman can easily walk with very high heels, but with a little practice and effort you can achieve an elegant and sexy gait.

Last but not least, these shoes are the best ally for a formal dinner and can bring you many trumps for the overall vision they bring and the way they complete your outfit.

However, keep in mind that you should not wear high heels in your everyday life and especially not each day. The frequent wearing of high shoes can cause a number of health problems such as shortening of the leg muscles and severe back pain for example. Therefore it is best to wear them only for special occasions.


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