Golden shoes by Christian Louboutin

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The summer is in full swing and we cannot but pay attention to the formal footwear during this hot season. In the summer there are many special occasions such as weddings, cocktails and business meetings and for each and every type of event we need formal shoes. For this warm season they can be closed classical shoes, elegant sandals or like in our case today – something in the middle – shoes with opened toes.

We present you these amazing shoes with toes / or not depends on your point of view / which are noticed from far away. They shine with thousands of tiny golden sequins. Great supplement to a dress in gold or white for example. Fresh and beautiful and not the least, incredibly elegant.

The shoes are of the type stiletto due to their high and very thin current – 14 cm, which, however, is reinforced at the front with a platform to distribute the body weight evenly over the entire foot. On the inside, where the foot steps, the fabric is of natural and high quality leather that will not allow your leg to slip or cause any unpleasant sweating.

On the outside the shoe is made of small flakes of sequins, on natural leather of course. The shoes strongly impress with their brilliance and on any occasion there is no way you will remain unnoticed.

The shoes themselves are very attractive and sparkling so that you can use them as the accent in your outfit. You can select an exquisite dress or a suit with a simple design in one color. When you add and the appropriate accessories – a small evening bag and jewelry, you will look fascinating.

Only the problem with walking remains at your expense, but for one night of such brilliant beauty every woman would endure.


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