Formal evening sandals from Givenchy

Givenchy sandalsThe following types of sandals are great supplement for each formal dress. Gold and black or silver and black leather, just classic in the formal clothing or shoes.

Both pairs would be more suitable for short dresses, because of the incredible decorations that should not be hidden.

The second pair is a bit more decorated, but everyone has their own taste and style, so combined with proper selection of clothes, it would make every female foot simply irresistible.

Both pairs are with high heels which make the legs even longer. So in terms of esthetics there would be no problem. The question now is whether and how long you can endure on high heels. Due to which many dancing is not recommended unless you are trained in such walking with “stilts”.

But it is quite normal such beautiful things to attract us, even though sometimes they are not very comfortable. Because the sandals are rather formal and are supposed to be worn only for important events and for no more than two or three hours, maybe it is worth the inconvenience for one night but you will look stunning.

Both pairs are made of high-quality leather still we are talking about Givenchy, and they would never mislead their clients. So boldly dress your gown and choose the asterisks or the ones with decoration for the legs.



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