For the first time on heels

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Do not rush to throw them away in the corner 

High heels will never lose their charm. Each lady, who got on these shoes, exudes sexiness. If, however, she is able to walk with them. The gait “crippled chicken” not only reduces this effect. It causes laughter in everyone who witnesses this funny walk.

And who to listen to, exactly how to walk, if not one of the greatest experts in the world of fashion – Tyra Banks. She has vast experience as a model, the high shoes are her daily life and is certainly aware of the secrets of the safe and beautiful gait.

If you are new to the area, start wearing one of the alternatives of high heels. The first option is to trust the 6-7 inch platforms which achieve the same visual effect as the heels – lengthen the legs, but you actually step on 3-4 cm. Pretty convenient height, especially for the arch of the foot.

Be sure to use silicone cushions for the shoes that do not fit your foot. Bigger, wider, no finger, but of slippery fabric – at all any pair in which your foot is unstable, requires additional care. You can also use materials at hand, if you are in a hurry. Tyra advises to spray hairspray inside the shoe, to wait a few seconds and put on. The effect is again locking the foot.

In case you have worn only flat shoes, you should be aware that this change will be painful. Do not be afraid. It’s just completely normal to have an unpleasant period of adaptation. Then occur pains in the muscles of the legs and swelling of the feet. You will walk a day or two, will grit your teeth and eventually turn into one of those ladies who claim that the four-inch current is required for the most comfortable shoes in the world.

Golden rule is not to compromise with the price of high shoes. And when you try out, try to lift on your fingers with another 2-3 centimeters. If you fail, at all do not give money for them – they will limit the movement of your feet and walking will become a real nightmare.

Naturally, most logical is to first walk your shoes over short distances. To a nearby store or from the bedroom to the kitchen and back. Thus without hurrying for work or a meeting, you will decide whether your shoes are comfortable. And whether you can handle the challenge, in which we have no doubt.

Do not “jot down” immediately to the sexy thin heels. Take advantage firstly of the autumn-winter collections, where the boots look good and with a more massive current. Until the summer there is enough time in which you will get used to the intricacies of high shoes.

The most important thing is to get used to the atypical location of the body. Give yourself the well-deserved rest, such as nighttime hot baths with essential oils that will relieve the pain in the legs.



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