Flowers on the feet

The following shoes are an incredible quirk of some bored and obviously grieving for the beautiful nature designer. These shoes will be a wonderful addition to a transparent swimsuit, t-shirt, under which a slight hint for a bra or just if you are going to a masked ball on the beach.

As you probably guess it will be a little weird to walk in these shoes along the streets of your town or any other. Not to mention that they are not comfortable at all. Yes in the upper part the straps, with which the sandals are buckled are silicone and like bras with these straps, there is no danger of harming your feet or causing nasty blisters.

Also, the 14cm current is reinforced with a platform at the front of the sandals, which evenly distributes the body weight over the entire foot, not just on the toes. Not to mention how much attention you will attract to your feet, even with the smell of the flowers, which are gently wrapped around your legs.

It is just the flowers that exactly make one major problem. It is not very comfortable to walk in these shoes around the city or even on the beach, because you can lose the flowers that are wrapped around your ankles. No wonder if they are the reason for tripping if they hang on the curbstone or something, which is quite common on the roads.

So do not rely on these shoes for comfort, but they are extremely attractive for several occasions when you want to impress others with your outfit, they are completely appropriate.


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