Fashionable sandals or comfortable sandals – what should we get?

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The modern way of putting on shoes in the women is very important for them. The summer is coming and the ladies should be very careful with what sandals they will present themselves, because precisely they will talk about their elegance. Here we will not talk so much about the fashion in the ladies sandals, but we will emphasize on that what at most to watch out when you need to buy sandals for you or as a gift to someone. Remember well that priority number one is the convenience.


When you enter a shoe store, whether virtual, make a thorough search of the models carefully, without any hurry, and after you like a sandal, read the label. On it is written with symbols from what material are made the outer and inner part, and after making sure that the insole is natural, then head to the stool to try the sandals. If you are not clear, and the symbols on the labels do not mean anything to you, ask the consultant who will guide you.

Be very careful and for the color of their insole and watch for it to be lighter and more precisely beige, because when your feet sweat in the summer insoles in black, red, blue, yellow and other colors will stain your socks and tights and even your feet. Pay attention not only to the insole of the ladies sandals that you are going to buy, but also on the outside leather.


Many manufacturers, to achieve lower prices of the sandals, use artificial leather for the outer part and natural for the internal, but you should be aware that the toxins that are in the eco leathers sometimes hide dangers and could lead to rashes and itching. You do not want to go to the skin doctor because of mere 50-60 dollars more, do you? The best for you would be such with a natural outside and inside part, where your feet will be well ventilated, and even they sweat, the natural insole will absorb the moisture from them.


When you buy sandals, comply with the height of the current. Always take those with a normal heel, so you can walk on them. Well, sometimes you have to put the high heels for some occasion, but if you can not walk on them, first do a little dry practice at home in order not to look funny.

Watch also your sandals to have a maximum number of holes or less straps in order your feet to breathe. In the last years in vogue are the summer boots and booties, but know that in them your feet will sweat in the summer and keep in mind that you will feel as if you are wearing closed shoes.

Many of the ladies, in their quest to be different, become victims of fashion, and instead of putting on ordinary model ladies sandals, they put on their feet what they see on the covers of the magazines, and often become customers of the traumatology.

Pay attention and to the size. Watch when trying on a sandal, it to slightly squeeze your feet or to be a little tight, because from the tension it will relax and become exactly by measure.


In order your choice to be correct and not to have to buy a new pair of ladies sandals three days later, because the first are not comfortable, take five minutes more for trying on at place in the store, or with the courier if you have ordered them from an online shop. Only in such a way your feet will be comfortable during the warm days!




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