Fashion trends in the shoes for Spring / Summer 2014

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

The passion of the women to the beautiful shoes is well-known and accepted for something in the order of things. Although scientists still can not explain why we love to buy shoes so much, we know best. Nothing can compare to the feeling of puting on some exquisite high-heeled shoes, right?


There is no woman who does not like elegant and chic shoes, whether she would put them on or not. Therefore, our team will introduce you to the hottest fashion trends in the shoes for Spring / Summer 2014.


As expected, the shoes for the new season are very various: from the comfortable moccasins to the colorful thick platforms with straps, studs and fringes. Not lacking are neither the knee-high sandals nor the bright floral motives and metallic colors. Topical are as the sports shoes and slippers, as well as the killer high shoes with a sharp point. Icing on the cake are the leopard accents that directly take us to the jungle.


The current colors in the shoes cover the entire range. There is almost no color that is not included in the collections of the leading designers. With the strongest presence, however, are the bright colors. They give an exquisite look and playful mood even to the low sandals. The sneakers are even more attractive, with high platforms and combinations of amazing colors, various caps and metal elements.


We see the floral decorations from kitsch to the very real grace. Large flowers adorn the crocheted sandals, and the fine flowers add a feminine touch to the shoes with high heels. The ankle boots once again are a hit for Spring-Summer 2014. The combinations of black and white adorn the shoes of different styles, so that every woman can find something suitable for herself and her lifestyle.


Well ladies, go shopping and look and feel irresistible.


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