Famous Shoe Designers: Manolo Blahnik

manolo blahnikShoes, same as clothing need their own designer. In the fashion world there are several names that left a lasting mark on the industry for both shoes and clothing. Despite the many “youngsters” some of the older generation will always be on the first line, first to instruct the young and second to remind customers that classic has no age.

We will introduce you to the most famous shoe designers whom since their inception and market penetration have left a lasting trail to follow and be recognizable. Their shoes are expensive, qualitative and wearing them, means that your standard of living is high.

We start with Manolo Blahnik. Name which some of us can hear only on those elaborate series in which the character necessarily has 2-3, and why not 20 pairs of these shoes.

His career began exactly 30 years ago. During this time, his shoes have come a long evolutionary path, and what is more important, today he is the most amazing shoe designer who can easily win the heart of every woman.

Born in the Canary Islands, with Spanish mother and a Czech father, he began to study languages ​​and art in Geneva, before moving to Paris in 1965, because he wanted to become a stage designer. But in 1970, when he visited New York, making another stage, the then editor of Vogue – Diana Vriyland after seeing his designs for stage scenes and accessories, turned his attention that he would have much more success as designing shoes and notably focus in this art.

Manolo learned the art of making shoes with the help of the studies he made in different shoes factories, from the conversations with the operators of shoe machines, leather handlers, finishers and technicians.Manilo Blahnik green sandals

In 1971, he made shoes which then the best designer in London – Ossie Clark used for his collection. Since then his star started rising. Two years later – in 1973, Manolo Blahnik opens his first shoes store in Chelsea, London.

Since then Manolo Blahnik is synonymous with quality and style. His love for shoes and making women happy won him so much glory. Of course, his talent makes a difference. His words are: “Shoes, they transform the woman.”

This logo can be seen on each of his shops.

And you bought your next pair of Manolo Blahnik?


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