Famous Shoe Designers: Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueenIn the world of fashion and not only, there has always been faces, which like shooting stars pass through our lives and leave bright  traces. Such a person was Alexander McQueen – the most genius young shoe designer of the past decade.

Born in 1969, he died in the beginning of the year 2010 – on the 10th of February, claimed to be from drug overdose. It’s a fact, however, that his products were and still are posthumously, the most shocking, but the most worn and wanted.

At first, before creating his own shoes line, he works as a hat designer for Givenchy. This happens five years before establishing his own brand. His shoes were worn and still are by such eccentric stars like David Bowie, Björk, Lady Gaga, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kelis. Due to that, he is given the title The Best Designer of all times.

He is the youngest of the six children of Scots Ronald and Joyce Mcqueen, working as a taxi driver and a social worker. He grew up in different consulates and other places where his mother worked. In the beginning he started sewing clothes for his three older sisters and that’s when he became enthusiastic about design.alexander mcqueen leopard shoes

At the age of 16 he drops out of school and starts sewing clothes for theatre plays. First he works for Savile Row, then for Anderson & Sheppard, after that comes the time of Gieves & Hawkes, before joining the theater school and making costumes for the biggest theatrical artists of Angels and Bermans. All of these names in the sewing arts helped him develop his sense and shape the future face of his brand.

Later he opened his own boutique, which dresses some of the biggest stars. His genius doesn’t also leave and other parts of fashion untouched – shoes. His shoes are in the style of his clothes – extravagant and shocking. But inexplicably still worn by each star over a period of their careers.

Undoubtedly Alexander McQueen left a big mark in the world of fashion and the world will not forget him soon.


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