Etude in pink or pink shoes and the femininity

pink shoesThe summer is in full swing, but that does not impede us to be tuned in a romantic wave. What more romantic when it comes to clothes and shoes, from a delicate, airy dress or skirt and shirt accompanied by pink shoes? No matter whether it comes to sandals, slippers, ballerina flats or high shoes of stiletto type. Every woman in love, not necessarily with a man must have pink shoes.

True, some do not like this color, they think it’s too bright for them, gooey and it does not suit them. But the truth is that pink, like all bright colors brings an optimistic and sunny mood in the gloomy reality of our everyday life and our doomed to constant slog, nerves and stress lives. If we do not have at least one splash of color in this lifestyle which we are living today, probably soon many of us will visit a psychologist, or hospital. Both of these are not very good prospects.

As a color pink suits almost all women. As well as of blondes, brunettes and of redheaded. Certainly the whole ensemble of colors must be chosen correctly and be aesthetically beautiful. For example light pink dress and pink shoes.

Or dark skirt, bright shirt and pink shoes. Or you may be in denim suit, ending with pink shoes that are the main accent of your outfit and attract attention to your feet.

Generally pink does not stand as bad as you think on your legs. You just have to give it a chance and be bold. Once you start wearing pink and other bright colors you will not want to take them off any more. And for the summer these are very suitable shades that bring cheer and energy.


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