Eccentricity by Catherine Malandrino

Catherine Malandrino shoesWe continue the march of the eccentrics. This time the designer is Catherine Malandrino. Her newest model of shoes represents lady’s high-heeled shoes, but the current can be likened as a the glass slipper of Cinderella and is also wrapped with interesting metallic fringes, which give additional stability to the one walking with them. If of course there is a lady who would dare to put them on and wear them for more than one hour. And not for the convenience, but because of the appearance. It is true that they are not so frightening with their eccentricity, yet few women would dare to wear them.

But still for those ladies who like to be different and unforgettable, we’ll explain what materials are used for making them.

The upper part of the shoe as well as the insole, where the foot shall tread are made from natural, high-quality leather that leaves the legs completely free to breathe, allowing air circulation. At first glance the model looks like an ordinary business shoe even if paying attention to the bright, cyclamen color.

But at the moment you turn the shoe, you will see that the back side, the current, or exactly the platform is made of metal plates that make this model one of the most stable on the market for footwear. The plates are thick and are arranged one above the other, and between them, the empty space you can see, is similar to a glass current. Overall the concept is not so strange, but cannot be seen in any store, therefore you will be really original and win the astonished looks of others when you show up at a cocktail or business party with these shoes.

It remains only to pluck up courage for this and perhaps a little bit more money, but we know shoes are the first and great love of women, so … clearly there would be no problem for this.


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