Eccentric style Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga shoesThe next women’s shoes, even if we can name them so, we show them more to share with you what kinds of things can people think of to feel interesting and popular. If any of you appeared with such footwear will surely attract attention to her. But at what cost? Is it worth the pain in the ankle and the whole foot? Only when we see how the ankle is bent and at what altitude, we get sick. That is why we think they are rather shoes for the stage. Hardly any woman might do this if only to look interesting.

However we cannot deny that the shoes look really unusual and eccentric. The upper part is in the shape of sandals that frame the foot with thin leather silver straps. And there ends the comfort. The ankle is under almost ninety degree angle and the height of the “current” or the platform, we do not know how to call it, is more than one standard stiletto, we believe in the highest part, the current is at least 20 cm, which is a real extortion towards the legs.

At its lower part, the heel ends with soft tips that should soften the stepping. If you’re not one of those bold and eccentric stars, but for you it is typical and you are eccentric and you want to make an impression, do not forget the car and driver, or at least the cab. Because it will be truly suicidal to go on foot with them, especially if you do not wear high heels that often.

In general, the designer has a pretty interesting view, and we have to admit that we liked them, but honestly we prefer to see them on the feet of someone like Lady Gaga as she is at least known for her crazy clothing and no one would pay attention. We like some average girls would not put this on.


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