Crystal shoes from Diego Dolchi

Diego Dolcini crystal shoes

We present these awesome shoes for princesses who are going to have a ball. These shoes with a current, plastered with beautiful, radiant crystals are for those nights where the formal attire is essential, and the lights at the club reflect your every action and clothing.

A great finishing touch for your favorite little black dress or else a long dress, an elegant suit, etc. They are made of suede and leather, with a great big black decorative flower on the toes and the current is embellished with sparkling crystals. Each girl deserves to put these shoes on at least once in her life. You could say that you will feel like Cinderella for the evening. These shoes are for a very special occasion such as the graduation ball or a very formal event – maybe a wedding or a dance ball.

The inner part of the shoe where the foot steps is also made of high-quality natural leather that does not allow the foot to sweat or slip. Definitely Diego Dolci have staked not only on the quality and vision, but also on the comfort. We can see that at the platform, made at the front of the shoes, which supports the foot in this difficult task, namely the walking with high heels. The platform evenly distributes the body weight on the entire foot, not just on the fingers, as it happens with most of the high shoes without platform.

You will definitely not go wrong if you choose these beautiful shoes for your big night. They are both really pretty but also comfortable to wear and most importantly, you will attract the attention of all the people around you.

And you are ready for an amazing night where you will do nothing else except dancing.


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