Comfortable sandals and slippers in bold colors for future moms

Pink slippersIf during this wonderful season your tummy has grown, and suggests for the little treasure in it, what you need to do is highlight your state. No, do not hide behind the black shirts, pants and shoes, there is no more depressing thing than a pregnant woman in dark clothes. Especially in the summer.

Pregnancy is a beautiful state, prior to the new life that can make you a little tired at first, but there is nothing more wonderful than hugging your baby. So bet on bright colors and do not worry that you look like a small balloon or elephant, there is no ugly pregnant woman, and only her eyes see terrible changes.

Anyone else who sees you will rightly say that you are glowing because the joy of expectation’s written on your face. And if you take care of the clothes and shoes being in tune with the mood you are in, then you will look more beautiful than before getting pregnant.

Shoes for instance must not be high at the first place. Because of the heavy burden that carries the pregnant woman, the waist, back and legs can start hurting. If you climb on high heels you risk further aggravating the discomfort. Moreover if the pregnancy is advanced. Let yourself feel comfortable during these nine months. And there are so many beautiful low sandals and shoes. In a variety vibrant of colors that will make your legs shine.

Why not try out yellow and red as colors, you will find that you are feeling much better. These two colors bring cheer and optimism. And yellow is the color of summer, what could be a better combination – sunny mom.

In combination with tunic, trousers or skirt of light linen material in bright or more delicate colors, you’ll be as beautiful as a flower that expects its hidden treasure. What could be better than that?


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