Colorful shoes from Audrey

audrey shoesThe following shoes that we present are ideal for summer and we do not know whether they are only children’s or else may be worn by some ladies who have kept the childish inside them. Most likely, if there is the needed numeration, nothing would stop a lady to buy shoes in the shape of a ladybug, with kittens or flowers. But overall the concept is for children’s shoes.

The beautiful bright colors add mood even in the most grey summer day, because we all know that summer is unfortunately not just sun and beach, sometimes it rains. The shoes are of the modern for this season slippers that have an elastic strap connected with either end of the shoe which makes putting them on much quicker and easier, especially if your child has not learned to put on and tie the shoes itself.

You can find them in all sorts of interesting modifications – red with black spots and snouts of ladybugs, yellow, again as ladybugs, blue with cat snouts, interesting purple and light green with a flower on the front, and elegant black with grey imitation of a necklace at the front and a blue stripe passing around casually.

They are made of textile material which makes sweating almost impossible. The fabric allows free air circulation. Moreover the insole is also of high quality material. The sole is made ​​of soft rubber which allows seamless bending of the sole and the entire shoe.

So if you want your child to be modern, and why not even you to feel like a little girl, along with your daughter, you may make a jolly set of matching shoes. To start with it looks very cute and sunny, something to which the summer quite naturally urges us.


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