Children’s shoes made with love and fantasy

red mary jane shoesCertainly you have heard of boutique shoes. Mostly these are such shoes that are made in small amounts for their unique. And because they are made mostly by hand and this is laborious process, which extra expenses the final product.

In this regard, we will show you beautiful baby shoes that are custom made and cannot be found in the online stores. Or at least not in any. They are the work of an american Mary Jane, on whose site we came across and decided it was worth to show. The idea probably came to her while she was drinking soda with her daughter or maybe the child wanted a drink to complete its collection of caps.

And perhaps at this moment the congested with a pile caps mother thought why not find them a useful, yet unusual use. Of course, she had a little advantage on her side, she can draw, but I think any mother who wants to delight her child can come up with something like this and actualize it even if she is not an artist. Still everything looks good on a child and how happy it would be that his mother made special shoes only and solely for it.

Each fabric shoe or slipper, such as those for the kindergarten, would do the job, but those red shoes that are slightly open at the front with ribbons for decoration, they do a great job.

Thus the little lady will be extremely original among the other children, but more importantly, you will not need to wonder every time you add a new cap to the collection. You will simply paint a few caps and whenever your child gets bored of the old image you will change it to another. So you will have new shoes, more beautiful than the previous.

If the question how are the caps attached crossed your mind, the answer is very easy. Just pierce holes with an awl on the sides of the caps and squeeze wire through them, which then attach to the bow of the shoe or somewhere where it will not be visible to the naked eye. For this purpose of course, the fabric will be pierced a little also. But then the final result is worth it. You would like to surprise your child, right?


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