Children’s sandals from Diesel

Diesel pink sandals

Although the rains drowned us these days, it would not hinder us from walking fro with slippers or sandals on bare feet. The rain, typically for the summer is warm and is more an amusement rather than an annoying event.

That is why perhaps your child would be very pleased if it is possible to step into each formed puddle after a heavy rain. And for you not to be too angry, we would recommend some quality leather sandals, on bare feet and thus you will not wash any socks, nor the slippers or sandals will unstuck. Well, you may need to wash some clothes, but this is another topic.

The following sandals are one of the cutest we have seen in the fashion collections of the famous designers and brands for this season. Bright, shiny and comfortable – what more could a mother want for her little girl. Furthermore, it is unlikely for them to harm the delicate child’s feet, and they will be your girl’s favorite for the bright pink or yellow colors in which they are offered. As you know, small children love the bright and colorful objects. These sandals are very comfortable and they hold the ankle of the child in the right position and thus will not allow any unpleasant injuries as the kid plays in the hot summer days. As we mentioned they are offered in two very fresh summer colors – pink and yellow and they can be easily combined with almost all the clothes in your child’s wardrobe.

The sandals are made of high-quality natural leather and rubber sole, which is completely flat and is not likely to burden the child’s foot. They are also conveniently fastened with metal buckles on the ankle, which prevents from slipping or taking off at any time as small children like to do.


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