Chic, glamour, comfort and a little color for your feet

Image: © Maksim Kostenko / Fotolia

The autumn and winter may not be loved by the people, but in the fashion world this is an occasion for designers to re-unleash their imagination. Shoe stores are eager to rearrange their windows and put their clients in a world in which reigns – from a natural glow, through exquisite ethnic style, to English chic from the seventies and clean urban look.

Dominant throughout the season will be as the high-heeled shoes with platforms, the catchy boots or the rougher ankle boots, as well as the style Color Blocking, presented by two-tone combinations and again the snake and leopard patterns.

Shining models of lacquer give the necessary chic while the massive boots with rough soles provide stability in the bad weather. A key role will naturally have again the high boots – required for the winter wardrobe.

Undisputed accent in the spring was the collection of the new face in the world of shoes – the Hollywood star HalleBerry. Awaited and desired are and the autumn models of natural leather from the collection “5th Avenue by HalleBerry”.


The trends in the world of shoes this year are:

High heels and platforms: the high-heeled shoes definitely no longer leave the house without platforms. In the past, once overlooked, heel -platforms have earned and because of the lengthening effect on the legs a permanent place in the hearts of fashion lovers.


Color Blocking: the latest word of summer, which has rapidly entered in the new season: No less exciting are the combinations of the colors which and in the fall will again be a real feast for the eye.

Sporty Autumn: To the fashion tops we can get with current models and hiking type boots with laces. Soles with a coarser structure, suited for outdoor activities, give character without giving up the necessary chic.

Brown tones: Constant companions of autumn are naturally the various brown tones which from warm shades of cognac to a strong chocolate, cover the entire range and contribute to a refined femininity.

Booties: They almost took the championship from the high boots… The new additions of booties and flirty ankle boots are sure to be a fashion accent.

Party Style: Black will be necessary at the latest when again it’s time for festive occasions and chic parties. Simple yet elegant and sexy, in order to be perfect in the spotlight.

Bags: The indispensable accessory which fits into itself all the treasures necessary to a lady. So more pleasing is the large selection of colors, sizes and styles.



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