Caring for shoes

Besides carefully choosing your shoes, you also have to carefully take care of them. According to the material from which a shoe is made and caring for it is different. The shoes cannot maintain themselves and in order to serve you for a long time you must pay attention to them since the first day. Do not forget that clean shoes say more for a person than a​ ​perfectly made hairstyle.patent leather shoes

Shoes of leather

Firstly the shoes should be cleaned. With a soft brush remove the dust. If there are not any strange stains on them, it is enough to wipe them with cloth and a solution of water and dish detergent or water and soap. Traces of salt are cleaned with a solution of warm water and vinegar. Traces of mold with a solution of water and a little alcohol. For more stubborn stains there are different products in the stores for shoes.

After cleaning the shoes should be treated with waterproof detergent and paint to serve us for a long time. The paint is applied only in one direction with a pad or sponge. After this procedure they shall be polished with woolen or velvet cloth, which will give the shoes perfect shine. If after these procedures your shoes still look worn it is better to consult a cobbler if they can be cleaned or it is better to replace them.

Shoes of nubuck and suede

These shoes are very soft and comfortable, but their major drawback is that they are very susceptible to moisture and salt solutions. They require a little more particular care to look neat and clean. If left wet, they soak up the moisture and warp. Therefore, for their maintenance there are specific products, the ones for leather shoes cannot be used. It is best to use liquid paint or spray for cleaning in depth.

In order to clean the shoes of suede and nubuck use a brush with soft bristle that will not scratch them. Do not use a towel or cloth. Sometimes even just brushing restores their good appearance.

If they have stains use a special rubber for suede, if there are rougher stains a very fine sandpaper will help you. After that you can apply special paint for this type of footwear.

It is good to use products that protect suede shoes from moisture. If you wet them do not dry them on a heating appliance but only at room temperature, in order to not spoil the shape.

To clean the inside of the shoes, you can use baking soda to sprinkle on the insoles and leave the shoes to sit overnight so.


Usually sneakers and other sports shoes are used for exercises and therefore we do not often deal with their maintenance. But if we clean them regularly that will prolong their lives, which is one good reason to do it. The other reason to make us care more often and better for our sports shoes is that they are an excellent environment for the development of many bacteria. This is why they should be washed and cleaned often. Let’s make it with warm water and a special detergent. While drying you can put paper inside that will help to keep their shape.

canvas shoes dryingCanvas shoes

Fabric shoes are very comfortable and lightweight, but their maintenance requires time. On them is immediately noticeable any stain or dirt. According to many women they are most easily cleaned when washed in the washing machine, but in this case it does not work.

So let us see how to clean canvas shoes. First let the dirt to dry nice. Then clean with a damp cloth. Remove the laces if they have ones. Them you can put in the laundry. Wet the canvas shoes with warm water and using a small brush with not too coarse hair and detergent scrub them. For the inside use baking soda.

For the soles you could use a little bleach in order to light up if they are white. Rinse the shoes with lukewarm water, put paper in them and dry them, but not on the heating appliances but at room temperature or in a warm outside, but not directly to the sun.



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