A shoe or a chair?

Chair shoesI consider myself a truly free-spirited person who accepts any innovations and quirks. You will not hear me condemn something just because it is not in my closet. But the next shoes made ​​me wonder whether they are just another human genius expressed in the art of creating shoes or madness took shape this “shoe”.

I do not know any woman who would put that on. But let’s do a quick bid, maybe among you is one that would like to collect the eyes of all your friends and acquaintances, or strangers on the street with these shoes.

As you might guess these shoes are more for the catwalk and for show unlikely to be sold in large quantities in stores. However, if you want to have them, we can tell you that they are made ​​of natural materials in the form of sandals that are tied at the top of the ankle. The laces are soft and will not cause discomfort.

The color to me personally is really nice – black and red shoes and clothes have always been favorite for me, and speak of elegance and taste. So far anything new under the sun. But once you turn the shoe you will see not one, but two currents as one is in front of the shoe, i.e. where the toes step. They are thick and remind me of the legs on a stool or chair. But when you think about it, these are probably one very stable shoes because not only is the heel reinforced, but also where the toes step so as to evenly distribute the body weight over the entire foot.

However these shoes remain only suitable for exceptional cases such as an extravagant party or a masked ball. And of course for catwalking on the fashion podium. For ordinary cases there are simpler models of shoes.


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