8 tips for the high heels, you need to know

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Here are some guidelines that will help you to feel comfortable

The shoes with high heels are certainly among the favorites of women because they are capable of imparting confidence and charms to every woman. Simultaneously, however, they can cause you a lot of headaches if you do not follow some simple rules.

Today we have prepared a short manual that would follow you inseparably in the feminine world of the high heels. At the same time will help you overcome all inconveniences and unpleasant consequences associated with the wearing of this type of footwear.


Not 37, neither 39 but 38!

We women are just like that – in a fit of euphoria we tend to buy shoes that do not correspond to our number. Even if you have fallen in love in a pair, do not allow the mistake of taking it if it does not fit perfectly.

This actually applies to all models of shoes, but with the heels you will definitely incur more trouble than usual. Because of their specific shape, the foot constantly slides forward. Therefore, when you try the shoes, note whether the space behind your heel is not too large as a result of this sliding.


Centimeters are important

The high heels are sexy. But if you can not walk with them, this is purely a disaster! Do not buy shoes on which you can not keep your balance yet in the store.

If you prefer ultra high heels, we advise you to choose shoes that have a small platform at the part which is under the pads of your feet. Thereby you will preserve the charming effect of the high heels, but the overall slope will be less dramatic and your foot will not be forced to stand in the so unnatural for it posture for hours.


Rehearsals at home

When you buy new high-heeled shoes is a must to walk and to get used to them. This does not mean to put them on and after a few minutes to decide that they are very comfortable and there is no point of such an exercise.

Walk around the house with them for at least an hour or two or walk them to the supermarket. You will see where the potential threats to your comfort are. If you are going to put them on an important event, you will have a mechanism for counteracting – you will be equipped with patches for the places that appear to be painful.


Silicone pads and their relatives

The use of additional products to enhance the comfort is a good idea. Place small patches or whole silicone pads inside the shoe, where the entire burden falls on a few square inches of your foot. On the market there are and stickers that adhere to the sole so as to be confident and stable even on even the most slippery surfaces.


 10 minutes on foot 1 – on a chair

Even if you do not feel tired at the moment, it is better to sit from time to time for a short break. The tension builds up and unless you want to experience extreme agony after a few hours, you better apply this preventive measure.


Heels, but what exactly?

One of the best advices related to the high-heeled shoes is to analyze the most nightmarish moments from the past, in order to choose the perfect model for the present.

If you made your way to tears because of huge and painful calluses, it is best to opt for opened shoes. They will not relentlessly squeeze your fingers and will provide the necessary comfort to spend with them more than a few minutes.

In case you have chosen to wear very high heels or generally hardly keep your balance, we advise you to get booties or shoes with an ankle strap. Remember something else: the thicker the heel, the more stable will be your feet, and hence – your gait and posture.


Keep your back straight

This may seem obvious – of course, that a person should not be hunched back! Many women, however, are trying to compensate for the imbalance caused by the heels, by changing their posture. As a result, however, occurs indescribable pain in the back and waist.

Another important condition is to stretch your feet at every step. This will reduce the muscle tension, and you will gain a noticeably elegant gait.


Yoga for a beautiful gait

The regular stretching of the muscles will help you master the art of wearing high heels. At the same time yoga provides elegance of the movements, which will inevitably affect the gait with your favorite shoes.


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